Smiles and sparkles for 5 year old Matilda’s Birthday portraits!

When Matilda’s Mum called me, she really wanted to give her husband an amazing Birthday gift of some pictures of their 5 year old daughter! My website features a lot of newborns but she fell in love with the colours and style of my work and put the trust in me that we could come up with some great ideas for her very giggly and wriggly little girl! 🙂

Matilda came into my studio all smiles and happiness and I knew instantly we would be friends! With beautiful long hair and the biggest smile, I knew we were onto a winner!

We had a great little session! We chatted and giggled, pulled funny faces, chatted about horse riding, school and everything else 5 year old girls like! I asked Matilda her favourite colour (blue!) and pulled out one of my favourite fine art backgrounds especially for her! We even blew some glitter around (and I’m still finding it a few weeks on!!). The end results are a perfect mix of her lovely little personality, the way she wrinkles her nose when she laughs and everything that makes up her! Mum and I both had a hard time narrowing down the choices, but here are a few of our favourites from her portrait session.