Newborn Safety – my top priority with your new baby!

newborn safety and bucket posing in bishops stortford

Newborn safety should be the top consideration for any photographer, but sadly I see it’s not always the case. A good professional photographer not only takes great baby pictures, but also does them safely and in a way that keeps your new baby happy, comfortable and secure at all times. No shot is worth exposing your baby to a risk of faling, rolling, or hurting themselves on props and below, I’ll explain how and why Newborn Safety is a top priority in my newborn studio in Bishops Stortford, Essex!

Safe posing in buckets and beds

Bucket posing is one of my favourite images to do within a newborn photography session, but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t naturally put your baby in a bucket at home and go and make a cup of tea while they snooze! This newborn pose is one I have perfected over time. Your baby’s weight is positioned downwards in the bucket (onto padding) and their little body fits perfectly into the well I’ve created with their feet and legs comfortably posed underneath them. Under their arms/chest is also padding to protect their body and head from any hard surfaces and I position their heads resting gently onto their arms in a position, which is comfortable and steady. Even when your baby stays this way without support I don’t leave them alone, even for a second! In all these newborn poses, you are within inches of your baby, supporting their delicate heads with a finger or two and only letting go for a second (on the count of 3) once I know that they are secure and it is safe to do so. If your baby is even slightly wobbly then I simply remove your supporting hand in photoshop, meaning your baby was safe at all times. You never know when a newborn baby will startle and newborn safety is so important.

If you look at my bucket posing images, you will also see the baby always looks comfortable and safe. Now go compare this with less experienced photographer’s work who’s babies look like they are falling out of the bucket or leaning heavily to the side! This is a tell tale sign that they aren’t as experienced or taking the right newborn safety precautions.

Wrapping to keep your baby safe and happy

Wrapping a baby is known to be one the best ways to settle a newborn baby but newborn safety is key. Your newborn baby loves to feel warm, safe and secure, and by wrapping or swaddling a baby, it takes them back to the days of when they were snuggled up in the womb. When I wrap or swaddle a baby, I carefully position their arms and legs against their body (nice and flat) and wrap in a criss cross formation so that there is always a v shape at their neck. This is to make sure that their airway is always clear. My wraps are also stretchy meaning that whilst your baby is feeling nice and secure, they can also move and it doesn’t restrict their breathing. Furthermore, because the studio is nice and warm, I’m always checking to make sure that your baby isn’t overheating. Wrapping is a great way to keep your newborn baby happy and safe whilst posing them in props, as it prevents their arms or legs from moving around and potentionally connecting with hard surfaces. They also usually go to sleep pretty quickly in this position so I can then unwrap them and pose them in other props giving you a great newborn gallery.

Baby girl newborn photography sleeping in a pink bow wrap

Newborn Safety – the Lion King Pose

Have you seen this “Lion King” pose before? I was once in a newborn photoshoot and the Dad had been to another photographer a few years before and he asked me to do a pose “where I put a black blanket over my head and hold the baby in my hands above my head?” I was so shocked that for a second, I didn’t know what to say! I knew exactly the pose he meant, but I couldn’t believe that a photographer would do it in this way!! The pose he was referring to is always done with the baby lying on a blanket on it’s side, with the parents sitting on a stool and holding the baby in place, along with supports under the blanket to create the perfect shape, At NO POINT does the baby leave the ground! The photographer he had used previously clearly had zero newborn training and no idea about newborn safety. I am a professional photographer and offer newborn training to other photographers in my Essex Newborn studio, so if you are a photographer reading this, you can find out more information on that here

The Newborn picture above of the baby in parents hands is also done in with newborn safety in mind and executed in the same way. Please never take any risks with a newborn baby being suspended in the air or allow your photographer to do so!

I take newborn safety incredibly seriously. If an image looks too good to be true then it propbably is! Babies are robust but they also have very delicate necks and are unable to support themselves or control their bodies so it’s our job as carers and photographers to do this for them! Booking an experienced newborn photographer may cost you a bit more, because they have invested in years or training and safe props, but it is worth every single penny!

I’m proud to be a part of the Guild of Photographers and SWPP, with whom I hold an Associateship (ASWPP) and a Craftsman qualification. I have also won multiple awards for my newborn and baby images. If you are looking to book a newborn photographer in the Harlow or Bishops Stortford area then please head over to my newborn photography page for more information.

I can’t wait to meet you! x