The return of Newborn Photography after the Covid-19 pandaemic

Covid-19 has touched all our lives. It’s certainly changed the world and the way we interact with each other and of course naturally it has affected many businesses. When lockdown was announced, my husband and I quickly realised we were in trouble. Our primary income is weddings and newborns so with weddings off the cards until potentially 2021 and newborns on hold until it would be safe enough to handle them, we realised we were facing a tough few months without income and a family to feed.
We are a limited company and whilst the government did their best to support everyone, sadly we fell through the cracks and weren’t entitled to much. We therefore sought alternative incomes and luckily found an amazing company to work with on a full time working-from-home contract until September. This has literally kept the roof over our heads or less dramatically, has saved us from borrowing money from the bank!
Nearly 4 months later, the government are relaxing the rules. Photography studios were allowed to open from 15th June but I personally felt this was too soon for newborn photography and I decided to wait the extra 3 weeks until hairdressers were allowed to return and contact is allowed with the appropriate PPE. My studio has been cleaned within an inch of it’s life and will have a thorough clean after every client session. I have purchased masks, gloves, aprons and shields for use within newborn sessions as well as hand sanitiser for my clients and additional disposable masks should they wish. Distancing will be applied where possible, but in the case of newborn posing, this isn’t possible and therefore appropriate measures have been put on place to keep us all safe.
My husband and I are both still employed full time until September, therefore I am only offering 1 session a week on weekends, primarily for newborn clients. I miss my photography world and your babies so much and I am so desperate to start photographing again, but easy does it, both for my own sake and for the safety of my clients.
My business is a huge part of my life – I love what I do and it kills me for every potential booking that I can’t take on because of this awful virus. I hope you will understand that I am a small business, a parent of 2 young children and doing the very best I can in a difficult situation. I am honouring and excited for all bookings for sessions, which were booked in advance and will continue to take on bookings for later in the year. The recovery from COVID-19 will be slow for everyone, including my business, but together we will get there!
For more information on my COVID-19 policy in the studio please contact me directly.
I can’t wait to see you all again soon!
Love Rachel x