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On Saturday 4th February, I was delighted to be awarded Top 10 International Maternity & Newborn Baby Photographer 2022 by the Guild of Photographers.

Top 10 International Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer 2022

Entering awards is really important as it challenges me to be the best newborn photographer that I can be and consequently to give my clients the best and most creative newborn photography that they (you!) deserve. It’s a huge resposibility being a baby photographer and my clients trust me to create beautiful, personal and creative portraits of their family and newborn baby. I am always thinking about how I can do something better, or about a new and exciting idea I can incorporate into my newborn sessions and when you become recognised by your peers as an internationally award winning photographer, this hard work all becomes worthwhile too!

I joined the Guild of Photographers just over a year ago and unlike many other associations, the Guild judge their Newborn Photographer winners based on a whole year of submissions, rather than just one final image. This means that each month I choose 3 of my favourite newborn images to enter into the awards to be judged. Sometimes it can be painful when it doesn’t score as well as I’d hope, or somethings it can be a huge surprise when something scores exceptionally well, but the whole point of this for me is to learn and to contantly push myself to be better!

Being recognised by this international award in Newborn Photography is a huge achievment. There are many very talented photographers in the association and I am proud to be among them.

In addition to the award, I also achieved the Photographers Bar within the Guild for consistent achievment of high scoring images across the year.

maternity & newborn photographer
maternity & newborn photographer
maternity & newborn photographer