Booking a Newborn Baby Photography Session!

I’ve just finished a lovely newborn session with a gorgeous baby boy, who is so new, he doesn’t even have his forever name yet! 🙂

During the session, his Mum said sadly to be me, that they never got newborn photo’s done with their other child. When I asked why not, she said they just didn’t really think about it and I smiled as I didn’t either with our first child! (I must add, I wasn’t a photographer at this point!)

Newborn Photography is a relatively new genre and for new parents, it’s not always going to be the first thing on your mind! However, it’s something that I know each and every one of my clients have enjoyed, both as an exciting experience with your new baby and also as they have captured a tiny slice of time when their new baby was so tiny, as they grow up so fast!!

Newborn Photography is best when they are just a couple of weeks old. My youngest newborn was 6 days old (and only because I was about to go on holiday for 3 weeks!) and I have photographed premature newborns up to 12 weeks old! However, after the first few weeks you’ll notice that your baby will sleep less, stretch out more and this all makes it much harder for us as photographers to curl your new baby into those adorable poses you may have seen on my website, therefore the ideal time is around 10-14 days after they have arrived! Doing them at this point also means that you have some gorgeous images to use for thank you cards or birth announcements!

I don’t just photograph babies during a newborn session, I also love to include siblings and parents too! I feel it’s important to celebrate you all as a new family and regardless of whether you feel you are carrying some “Baby weight” or have tired bags under the eyes, it’s nothing that some beautiful professional lighting and a touch of editing can’t sort! And of course you don’t have to include that picture within your selection if you don’t want to! 🙂

A newborn session with a great professional photographer (casually raising my hand in the air!) should be a fun and enjoyable experience! It’s incredible what your newborn baby will do whilst fast asleep and as a professional baby whisperer, I am an expert in getting newborn babies to sleep! Talking of fast asleep, I’ve even had a few Dad’s nod off on the sofa whilst I’m photographing their babies! Sleep deprivation can be hard, I remember it well! 🙂 Of course, some babies also stay awake for long periods and whilst I used to stress about this and it does change the poses I can do with them, I also adore wide awake pictures of babies – it really shows off their little characters, even at this early age!

With all my photography packages I offer digital images which means you can print your pictures any way you want and however many times you want!, but I also offer a stunning selection of fine art print boxes, baby albums and wall art, which is not available on the high street. Cheaper, lower quality alternatives are of course available on the general consumer market, but I use only the very best industry suppliers to give you the very best products, which you can be 100% proud of and show off in your home.

So how do you know you’re booking the right photographer to photograph your newborn baby?! Well, I hope by now that you would have seen the extensive gallery of images within my portfolio. I work hard to make exceptional images for my clients based on what they like and the colour palette they choose. You can also see that I photograph babies, often twice a week, and with parents permission I always post a little preview just so you can see what I’m up to and also so that the lovely parents can share their images with their friends and family. Need more convincing? Check out my 5 star reviews on Facebook along with other lovely comments on instagram. I am also a professionally qualified Master Photographer with the Master Photographer Association and hold the Newborn Safety Certificate too! I am available to meet in person before your session if you’d like, or you can pick up the phone or message me too! 🙂 If you are looking for a qualified, award winning and creative newborn photographer then hopefully I’m your girl! Please don’t delay in booking your session with me, no matter how early in your pregnancy you are as I get very booked up, sometimes even months in advance and I always feel terrible when I can’t fit a new baby into my schedule! I offer provisional bookings around 10 days after your due date and then I adjust it if you are early or late! By doing so, I have to restrict my bookings to 2 a week as sometimes they all come at once! 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to book a session with me, then please get in touch using the contact form on this website or visit my social media pages via the links.