Birth Story – Welcome to the world baby Lily!

To some people, the idea of photographing, or even being present at a birth is unthinkable! But for me, it has literally been one of those life goals and professionally I can’t think of a more emotional, raw and powerful thing to photograph. Of course, finding someone to let me be there was never going to be easy, but when Hayley got in touch out of the blue and asked me if I’d consider photographing their third baby coming into the world, I was both honored and thrilled at the opportunity!

The wait was torturous!! The week before Hayley was due I had 3 newborn shoots and a Birthday party for my youngest and as each day drew to a close I’d go to bed wondering if I’d get the 3am wake-up call! Due date came and went…and Hayley, Ben and I were all getting impatient! So much for the third baby coming early! 🙂 Finally, at 6:45am, 5 days late, the phone rang – “Contractions are 3 minutes apart and we’re on our way to hospital! Have a cup of tea and join us when you can!”. I think Hayley was a lot calmer than me – I raced around the house, grabbed my gear, threw tea into a thermos and headed to the maternity unit!

Births are unpredictable to say the least! Hayley was 3cm and happily bobbing on a ball one minute and the next minute her waters popped, the contractions hit the roof and suddenly I’m running behind them into the delivery room with staff and alarms coming from all directions! No time for gas and air (well, literally one puff!) and certainly not the calm water birth and disco party she’d had planned! 15 minutes later Lily arrived – a little girl to complete their gorgeous family!

I shook the whole way through! It’s amazing I got anything in focus! 🙂 But Hayley was incredible, Ben was a supportive rock and Lily is simply gorgeous! I’ll let the pictures tell her amazing birth story, but I can’t thank the family enough for letting me be there, in one of the most intimate and incredible experiences of my personal and professional career! xxx