Behind the scenes of a newborn photography session with Rachel Sloan Photography

I don’t always remember to do a behind the scenes, in the middle of a newborn photography session. I’m kind of busy making sure the baby is comfortable, safe, has perfect lighting, everything in it’s right place and to be honest, that I’ve got the shots we are there for! But, when I do remember to whip out my phone for a quick video of a gorgeous newborn baby in a set, I’m always glad I did! It’s such a nice memory of the event and I know my audience of parents, aunties and friends love to see them too!

So this week, while we’re on lockdown V3 and of course, I have no lovely clients to photograph (big sob!), I thought I’d put together a little behind the scenes video of some of my sessions. I hope this helps to show new clients exactly what it’s like to have a newborn session with me! OK, it doesn’t show the amount of bouncing, baby whispering and encouragement I have put into getting your little one off to sleep in that particular pose, but I think it does give you a nice idea of what’s to come and how amazing newborn babies reall are! Plus it features some super cute babies and precious moments, which I for one will treasure!

If you would like to book a session with me, then please do check out my investment pages, which detail my packages and email me or use the contact form to get in touch! You can also find me on facebook and instagram too!

Make sure you have some sound on – it’s very cute! 🙂 x