Baby Girl Kizzy’s Newborn Baby Session – 16 days

Super sweet Kizzy came to visit me at just 16 days old and was such an amazing baby. She slept her entire session with me, enabling us to move her into all the lovely props her Mummy had requested. I photographed Kizzy’s twin sisters, nearly 5 years ago and I was delighted to see them both again and see the gorgeous connection they have with their new baby sister! We used fresh spring flowers for her session to represent the time of year she was born, used the same pink blanket we had used 5 years ago for her sisters (I obviously have new ones too!) and had great fun choosing hair bands, wraps and accessories for her photo’s. My favourites have to be the ones with her big sisters. I often photograph new babies with siblings but quite often they are much younger so I play it safe and get them to lie down with baby, but these girls were so good that it enabled me to try something new and boy did it pay off! At their photo reveal I turned around to see both parents crying with happiness and joy at their new family all so much in love! Such a precious thing to have and I know they will enjoy these photos for years and years to come!

The cherry on the cake was that I won 2nd place in the London & Essex Print Awards just a few weeks later with the picture of  Kizzy asleep in the white bucket with the pretty pink flowers surrounding her! I shoot for my clients and their walls, but it’s nice to be recognized for my work by industry professionals and other photographers too! xx