2 Year old Family Portraits with Dylan and Nkechi

2 year old portraits are a work out! Whether my 2 year old toddler client is happy and excited or shy and nervous, I have to match their energy and boy, they have energy!!

Dylan definitely had lots of energy and was very excited to be throwing snowballs at me! He was less excited to sit and smile for the pictures, but thanks to my great repertoir of Peppa Pig and other silly noises, the laughter and the smiles came through and just look at his amazing cheeky smile! I’m not sure who was more exhausted by the end of his session; me, his beautiful mummy or Dylan (who apparently went home and had a nap!) but it was entirely worth it and both his Mum and I love his gorgeous gallery!

Here are just a few of our favourites from our crazy morning of fun! Dylan is turning 2 at the end of December so it seemed fitting to use some Christmas inspiration in his shoot as well as more classical portraits with goregous lighting to show off his amazing personality! My favourites are definitely those of Dylan and his Mum though; which Mummy wouldn’t want amazing pictures of them and their baby on the wall to cherish forever?

Mother and baby Christmas Pictures by Rachel Sloan Photography in Bishops StortfordBlack and white Mum and baby portrait photography by award winning baby photographer Rachel Sloan in Essex1 and 2 year old portrait photography by Rachel Sloan Photography in Bishops Stortford, hertfordshire2 year old christmas pictures of a toddler boy